144k Strand DNA Activation™ and Psychic Medium Readings!

Release energetic blocks and regain the power you need to run your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies at the highest energetic level and frequency.

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Essential Energy Balancing

Clear Karma past, present, and future with the Lords of Karma and Diane Stein’s Essential Energy Balancing.

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Psychic Medium Readings

Choose from a 30 minute or 60 minute Reading. Your reading will be a combination of reading your Chakras, connecting with your loved ones who passed over, reading for Clarity and healing, and reading with your Angels.

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Intuitive Mastery Class

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Transformation Toolbox

This toolbox is compiled of resources from Candess Campbell's books 12 Weeks to Self Healing: Transforming Pain Through Energy Medicine and Live Intuitively: Journal the Wisdom of your Soul, as well as other gifts of knowledge from Candess herself. The Transformation Toolbox is meant to guide you on your acension journey of self-exploration, evolution and healing.

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Meet Candess

Candess has been practicing Energy Medicine since 1991. She is an Essential Reiki Master under Diane Stein and Usui Reiki Master under Keiko Kouyama.  She specializes in 144,000 DNA Activation and Essential Energy Balancing Karmic Clearing. She also provides Psychic Medium Healing, Readings and Teaching. 
Candess received her Master’s Degree from Gonzaga University in Counseling Psychology and her Doctorate from American Pacific University in Clinical Hypnotherapy.
She is the Author of 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine, Live Intuitively: Journal the Wisdom of your Soul, and more recently Live Simply: Less is More
Her intention at this time to is assist others in the Ascension process through the Essential Energy Balancing Processes and to teach others to carry on the information, tools, and traditions of ascending and healing. 



Clearing Meditation Audio

Sign Up Now to receive a 12 Minute Energy Clearing Meditation Audio from Candess Campbell. This Audio clears other people's negativity from your energy field.

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