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Essential Energy Balancing™ II - Clearing Galactic Karma

EEB II clears the Galactic Karma

These Essential Energy Balancing II workshops are remote.

*You must take Essential Energy Balancing I prior to joining this workshop.

Find the time in your city that corresponds with the times listed.

EEB II Remote Workshop Dates 2022

Find the corresponding time in your city.

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The Essential Energy Balancing II processes will:

  • Cancel Karmic Contracts

  • Clear negative mass consciousness that is on Earth

  • Receive the protection of Archangel Michael’s sword, shield and chalice

  • Clear core soul damage

  • Receive Energy Protection

  • Clear karma and heal on your multi-dimensional levels

  • Receive karmic dispensation and mercy from issues that have not cleared

  • Receive vibrational sealing

  • Connect with the Light

These 24 processes re-program your individual karmic computers, otherwise known as Akashic records. The Lords of Karma and the Karmic Board will assist you in healing and releasing Galactic Karma. The Karmic Board is composed of Goddesses, the uncorrupted Twin Flames of Goddesses, and members of the Angelic Realm. There are about 40 members of the Karmic Board. For all processes, we will go through the Divine Director to the Board. Click to view the 24 processes.

The 24 Processes

  1. Earth Karmic Contracts
  2. Earth Negativity
  3. Archangel Michael’s Sword, Shield and Chalice
  4. Divine Director and other Planet Karma
  5. Healing Core Soul Damage
  6. Healing your Creation
  7. Energy Protection
  8. Annihilation of all Evil
  9. Multidimensional Karmic Release
  10. Multidimensional All-Healing
  11. Short Process
  12. Karmic Dispensation
  13. Karmic Renewal
  14. Sealing Against all Evil
  15. Annihilation of all Evil: Extended Process
  16. Healing Dis-ease
  17. Connecting with the Light
  18. Re-creation and Replacement
  19. Vibrational Sealing
  20. The Radiance of the Goddess
  21. Sealing the Planet
  22. Final Sealing and Shielding
  23. Final Banishing
  24. Planetary Activation

Do you have a question? Visit my EEB Frequently Asked Questions page.